Lesson Learned, 2017. Come at me 2018!

In this New Year I'm so glad that I'm able to be home with my family
I've got a wonderful holiday.

Looking back at 2017, there were tons of Yay! and nays that I experience in during this year. Here are some of them:


  1. Well, first of all, I'm happy that I've been engaged now with my wonderful fiancee, Felicia. She has been always supportive to whatever decision I made, even sometimes she didn't really agree with it. She is just wonderful, I feel so lucky.
  2. I am working on wonderful company, Truuue. We dream, we break things up, we learn, we get better, over time. I think the company will have a great day ahead in this new year.
  3. My Mom is retiring soon! I feel so happy because she at last, able to get rest that she deserve, able to do what she likes, she is just a super human to me, I love you mom. And she is actually thinking what she want to do next :/ I hope she will able to find a thing to do.
  4. My brother now is working! I wish him a very good luck in the future, hope he find what he likes in his new job. He is always been a best bud of mine :)


  1. Up and downs in relationship. Well, relationship is not always a smooth ride from beginning to the end. It is more like a rollercoaster, up and down and up and down, sometimes it breaks down. But the more things that you pass thru together, the more you know that those problems are nothing compared to the person that you have right now.
  2. Feel like a total procastinator. Being an INFP, I'm always looking for an opportunity, looking to build a new startups, looking to learn a new language, looking at a new way of doing things, etc. But being so, makes me feel un productive, I have less focus on what I do, I have less things to dig deeper, feeling like not expert enough, etc.

What to expect in this 2018?

  1. I'm getting married this year!! 18/8/18 slick date!
  2. My new venture! CropFunds is going to be relaunched on end January
  3. Truuue is going to help more and more people to get their dream home or getting tenant
  4. Grabtuition is going to expand to Indonesia

What I learned?

  1. Be honest! be honest to everyone, be honest in hard condition, be honest in hard situation, most importantly be honest to yourself!
  2. Ego extends your stupidity. If you think you always right, think again.
  3. You can't do all things by yourself. You have limited time. Grow together.

Well, those are the things that gets me ready to face 2018.
Come at me now 2018, I gotta sleep now, another day tomorrow is.